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Bare Bites 100% Natural Dog & Cat Treats

Allison - Founder USA

The Bare Bites Philosophy: Live Nice. Plain and simple. Put good things out into the world and receive good things in return. Makes sense, right?.

We are proud to be a woman-owned, dog-driven company. We are very grateful for the opportunity to keep dogs healthy and happy. We promise to bring you wholesome pet products that you can trust. We vow to keep it simple, using 100% all natural ingredients, leaving funky chemicals out of the mix. We also buy local whenever possible and promise to only use ingredients from within the United States. We believe in “sense of community” whether that’s in your community of Kalamazoo, MI or our own backyard, in Frederick, MD. Thank you for helping keep the dream alive.

Martin, Alison & Claire - International Distributors

We met Allison in Bermuda when we sat at a table next to hers at dinner one night. The conversation started with wine and led, naturally, onto dog treats, and by the next day we were hooked. On the idea, the product and the philosophy!

Sample boxes winged their way to us and we watched as the dogs and cats in our family and in our circle of friends went nuts for the treats (including breaking into rooms, scaling tall cupboards and raiding boxes and bags).

On the back of all this criminal pet activity, we’re thrilled to introduce Bare Bites to this side of the pond and will be looking to share the obsession throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Don’t take our word for it, as Allison says: ‘Snag a Bag’ and see for yourself!

The Bare Bites Team


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