What kind of animals can eat Bare Bites?

Bare Bites are for CATS and DOGS… and any other animal that wants to eat them. My child /husband/roommate/frat brother ate Bare Bites. Should I be concerned? Bare Bites, and all Bare Bite products, are made with 100% all natural, HUMAN GRADE ingredients. No need to be worried… in fact… we strongly believe that if you can’t eat it… your pets shouldn’t either! That’s why we only use awesome, all natural, human grade ingredients!

When do Bare Bites expire?

Trust us, they aren’t going to stick around long enough for you to see them go bad… Truthfully, you will expire before Bare Bites do. Since Bare Bites are made of dehydrated beef liver, they could survive an apocalypse! (Go ahead… add them to your zombie apocalypse fallout shelter!)

What are the nutritional benefits of beef liver?

With more than a dozen vital nutrients, beef liver helps our furry family members maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beef liver is not just “okay” for our pets, but actually quite healthy, when consumed in moderation.

Brew Bites - What is spent grain?

Brew Bites are a spent grain treat. Spent grain is a byproduct of the beer brewing process. During the brewing process, sugars are extracted from grain. The “spent” grain is then skimmed out and typically thrown away. But wait – spent grain is totally safe for consumption. We obtain our spent grain from a local brewery and create delicious treats for your beast! Think of it as an awesome way to help the environment, spoil your pooch, and feel good about doing both. Cheers!

Please Note: Spent grain is obtained from the brewing process BEFORE hops are ever added to the mixture. This is very important, since hops can be toxic to our furry friends.

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